About Blank Point

About Blank Point

Blank Point is a leading VoIP Cloud Communications Provider focused on meeting domestic and international calling needs. From global enterprise businesses, call centers, hotels, from small to large size businesses. We constantly focus on providing cutting edge telecommunications technology while growing with our customer base.

Blank Point was founded in 2017 and started providing Telco Services and enhanced VoIP solutions to the public sector, which include SIP Trunking, Toll-free services, call recording, Call termination, Cloud PBXs, Call Center solutions, international toll-free numbers worldwide, local numbers worldwide, DID/DDI numbers, Enterprise VoIP phone systems, and video conferencing. SD WAN and LTE failover are offered, in addition to businesses that operate in remote locations, we offer Radio over IP(RoIP). Blank Point provides the comfort of 22 years of telephony experience. We bring a superior sense of customer service with a brilliant taste in telecommunications. Blank Point is your next one stop shop, that is robust and resilient. We make sure all customers experience Availability, Survivability and Scalability.

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