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Microsoft Teams Connect

Microsoft Teams Connect

Operator Connect from Blank Point Communications – A Step Above

Operator Connect Launches!

In early August, Blank Point Communications Network launched a very popular product in the UC space, Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams. This product is easily the most popular solution to date in the evolving Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) market. As one of the approximately 35 “Operators” in the space, Blank Point Communications delivers call origination and termination to over 4,500 telco connections nationwide. Our Tier 1 carrier status and history dating back to 2017 aligns perfectly with Microsoft’s desire to utilize telecom providers providing a premium calling experience to the millions of their customers utilizing the Phone System License.

Tier 1 Carrier Telephony Services

For almost 10 years, Blank Point Communications has specialized in domestic call origination, termination, and toll-free services. Call processing has been a mainstay and core competency at Blank Point Communications. To diversify our network call processing backbone, we expanded into Enterprise solutions and targeted the BYOC market via the partner channel. This effort started with Operator Connect and the opportunity to provide premium call processing without involving additional carriers. Acting as our own carrier allows for full call control and influence on the customer experience. Managing the traffic in both directions without involving an additional PSTN partner delivers the most direct and economical experience for our calling plan customers.

Provisioning Made Easy – Full Admin Control

With just a few clicks and selection from the MS Teams Admin Center Operator home page, Blank Point Communications can be chosen as your calling plan Operator. Once this quick effort is completed, you will be directed to the Blank Point Communications provisioning portal to enter your MS tenant ID to begin calling plan selections for each user. Blank Point Communications offers both metered and unlimited user plans allowing administrators to distinguish between utility or common area phones and knowledge workers that have higher call utilization. Additionally, Blank Point Communications includes dynamic 911, CNAM, and the DID in the cost of the calling plan. A significant value in this model is the opportunity to establish a predictable spend with our unlimited calling plans taking out much of the guess work of telecom budgeting. Once all DIDs are provisioned and the porting effort has completed, MS Teams users have full call control of both internal and external calling from their mobile and desktop Teams application.

Learn more about Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams from Blank Point Communications.

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