AI Coaching for Call Center Connect

AI Coaching for Call Center Connect

AI Coaching for Call Center Connect

CC3(Call Center Connect) does not stop with raising agent performance. Blank Point's CC3 data helps supervisors be better mentors.

And AI data informs decisions at the highest levels of the enterprise. New features such as Blank Point Communications™ True Sentiment pairs the CC3 CX score with transcriptions, overcoming the chief flaw of conventional sentiment analysis and enabling truly informed text analytics.

A Fortune 500 health insurer has increased member engagement 30%, completed cases 27%, and customer engagement 18%.

And it does so by supporting the human connection that keeps customers coming back and agents fulfilled in their careers.

Blank Point offers the first scalable way for every agent to display more consistent emotional intelligence, delivering empathy on every call.

Improving the customer service and empathy of phone agents creates stronger human connections, leading to better conversational outcomes, such as:

  • Reduced call handle times
  • Increased first call resolution
  • Improved customer satisfaction and net
    promoter scores
  • Increased customer lifetime value

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