SIP TRUNKS - SIP Trunking supports the transmission of voice calls as data as well as other types of multimedia communications. SIP is a phone technology, but it supports the transmission of Unified Communications, including video conferencing, SMS messages, data transmissions, and more 

  • Saving money on business phone service, especially for organizations with long-distance and international outbound calling.
  • Cost-effective support for contact centers.
  • Adding mobility features to the enterprise and supporting remote workers.
  • Reducing the burden of phone system management on internal IT personnel.
  • Moving towards hosted, multi-channel cloud communications or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Gaining the ability to quickly scale business communications by adding and removing lines and features on-demand. 

SIP Trunks starting at $7.99 per port.

Blank Point offers enterprises or businesses with multiple locations and Call Centers; IP SIP Trunks that support well over 500 simultaneously calls at a low rate.

PRI Connections -A PRI circuit includes 23 voice channels to support 23 concurrent calls, and one data channel to support call-related functionality like caller ID. Voice calls that are supported through PRI technology are submitted as electrical pulses and routed through traditional telecommunications carriers. Blank Point will provide a PRI router for the duration of service, and onsite installation, a one time setup fee is required(Depending on length of contract).

PRI Trunks starting as low as $190.00 a month 

SD WAN: SD-WAN is more cost-effective and operationally agile than MPLS. SD-WAN reduces capex and opex while also simplifying WAN management and scalability. The benefits of securing SD-WAN are described below

  • Reduced WAN Costs 
  • Improved WAN Agility 
  • Simplified WAN Management 
  • Increased WAN Availability 
  • The Cloud-Based Advantage 
  • SD-WAN outstrips MPLS for the modern enterprise 

We can say enterprises can expect savings of at least 25%, and for many enterprises it can go well beyond that. 

We offer many SD-WAN options, starting at $200.00 at 10Mbps and go up to 1Gbps

We also offer SD-WAN connections with Internet.(Fee for setup and installation, depending on length of Contract)

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