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Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Organizations are adopting more agile business processes to accommodate a remote workforce, including closing empty offices, and focusing on other digital initiatives. At the same time, they should consider a more modern communications strategy. While using traditional telephone systems was enough to run a business even a few years ago, it isn’t in today’s digitized world. That’s why businesses are turning to Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams to streamline the way their employees communicate. Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams delivers PSTN access to Microsoft Teams users, to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams provides you, the operator, with deeper integration into the Teams platform to enhance and streamline the Teams Phone experience around networking, provisioning, management, and reporting APIs. Doing this provides customers a simplified Teams Phone experience delivered by operators that has parity with Microsoft offerings. Through our partnership with Microsoft, Blank Point is helping our customers take full advantage of Microsoft Teams, and delivering higher-quality calling experiences to customers.

Blank Point Communications is a proven partner to quickly modernize company communication and collaboration efforts. We are a trusted provider for communication solutions and remote work initiatives. Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is an original connection between Blank Point Communication’s SIP trunks to Microsoft Teams. Our seamless solution turns Microsoft Teams into an office phone system with PBX integration capabilities.

Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is another way to connect Microsoft Teams to the public telephone network via Blank Point Communications. Blank Point then routes incoming and outgoing calls via the cloud. Microsoft Teams goes beyond serving as the main internal communication platform. It can also be configured to be a fully functioning phone system via direct routing or a Microsoft calling plan.

Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams allows you to connect Microsoft Teams voice service providers to access better call rates, increased flexibility, and customer support. Choose your own voice provider, integrate with other enterprise systems, and leverage the Microsoft Teams.

Shifting to Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is an efficient way to achieve unified communications.

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