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Enterprise Company

Enterprise Company

A cloud system with the purpose of a built network designed for your specific business, giving you what you NEED to create better business outcomes. 

Blank Point Communications can give you quality of service (QoS) for all your business communications including pristine, high-quality voice. Our goal is to maximize your communications efficiency and availability while eliminating call drops, data loss and static. We even can monitor for issues and fix them before you know they occur. 


99.9999% Uptime Reliability 


Scalable, Survivable, and fully self-manageable  


Enterprise Features 

Integrate Your Enterprise Call Center Software

Our enterprise call center software CRM integration simplifies workflows, reducing human-errors and improving the productivity of your agents. 

  • Automatic Call Logging: Give your agents more time for the work that matters most. Review call details, follow-ups, and call recordings within your CRM.
  • Screen Pops: Better help your customers with screen pops to get caller information from your CRM to contextualize conversations.
  • Improved Analytics: Get better analytics by automating tasks in your CRM to improve data quality when running reports. 


Blank Point's enterprise call center software boosts customer satisfaction by guiding callers to the right information or agent every time.

  • IVR: Create as many IVR menus and routing prompts as your inbound call flow requires for effective call distribution. 
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): Customize your ACD rules using advanced call routing features.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: Take advantage of ACD and IVR to reduce the number of call transfers and improve caller self-service. 


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